Thinful’s blend of all-natural sweeteners reduces the sugar in our sweet glaze—for an indulgent snack mix with 70% less sugar than other brands. The exact blend is proprietary, but we’re happy to share our Thinful!

Yes. We have verified our nutritional facts through third-party testing and proudly offer you a healthier alternative for craveable indulgent snacking.

It’s about half a teaspoon.

Indulgent snacks commonly have about 12 grams of sugar per serving. Which is equivalent to three teaspoons. And many brands have much more sugar than that.

Nope, our sweeteners are all-natural, made from plants.

For too long, snacks could either be healthy but bland or craveable and high sugar. Now, those days are over. We’re creating snacks that brighten lives—the kind of snacks we’ve wanted to find. Because people don’t want to count calories, they want to enjoy them.