Thinful grew from the simple desire to make healthier snacks that let people indulge without guilt. Handcrafted in small batches, we toss our signature sweet glaze over a mix of buttery popcorn, decadent caramel corn, and salty pretzels. Each flavor is finished with either a luscious drizzle or a delectable sprinkled topping – making every bag of Thinful sinfully delicious. Now, craveable indulgence and low-sugar healthfulness go hand in hand. Or rather, hand in bag. Beauty Marketing & Digital Advertising Agency


Here’s the big takeaway: we took away most of the sugar. We replaced it with our all-natural sweetener blend for only 2 grams of sugar and 60 calories per half-cup. The flavor is sweeter than table sugar and without any aftertaste. So, unlike other “Thin” snacks, ours are actually thin. Best of all, a heart-healthy serving of fiber balances out the rush for a zero-crash snack beyond compare. Thinful Mix

Every Thinful snacker has two cravings on their shoulder. The good cravings for healthier bites, and the bad cravings for indulgent treats. These cravings appear every time you think about snacking. At Thinful, we listen closely to both of them, creating snacks that make everyone happy.

Constantly seeking healthier options, Halo couldn’t be happier that Thinful tastes amazing too. He is highly enlightened when it comes to snacking, and always ready to share with a friend.

With monstrous cravings for sinfully delicious treats, Horns is willing to do whatever it takes to grab some Thinful. He can get carried away chasing after his favorite snack, and tries to keep every bag for himself.